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Found 7 results

  1. We are aiming to really improve the whole help system on this server. New players can really be in the dark for some of the stuff on IceCold, and it would be great for everyone if there was a place where almost all "how do I" questions were answered. We have set up a new category in the "Help & Support" forum. It is called "Guides/Tutorials" and it is where you can write and post guides on anything related to IceCold. It will really help new players, and the best guides will be put on the official help page!! ( Before writing one, make sure it's not already in http://www.icecold-wow.com/help ) All credit to original poster RocX
  2. The first few things you need to know before purchasing a Product Transfer Key are that you cannot transfer a characters items from the Eternian server to the Reaper server. Same goes for transferring from the Reaper server to the Eternian server. Another important thing is that Product Transfers only work for purchased gear. Now, for step one. You first will need to purchase the transfer key in the Store! After this step to view the code you go into your profile and check your purchases! Now that you have the code copied go to "My Game Panel" and complete the transfer! There you go! You have now transferred your item! Enjoy your purchase! Have a nice day! P.S. If you have any additional questions please ask them below!
  3. Welcome Ice-Eternian! This guide is to improve the outcome quality when creating custom item requests, or re-customizing your customized items. What you need: Wowhead, your brain or calculator, a notepad utility, and about 30 minutes. Creation To get started, you will need to know what you want. You can create items from nothing, or use items you have upgraded to get higher stats. You will lose any original items you use when creating a customized item out of them. You can change the name, description, and weapon type once the item is first customized, and any other time you do any transfers or stat additions. Follow the format to the highest accuracy so that your ticket will be easier and faster for the Administrator that is servicing you. If you do not follow the format, your ticket may be delayed until all information is received. The Administrator servicing your custom request ticket may request that you fill in the format at their discretion. The format is used to prevent errors, as the Ice-Eternian Administration has to manually do all the custom requests. Recustomization Follow the same format you would follow as though you're making a new item for any recustomizations you may request. Adding stats is pretty simple, all you have to do is request to add 'X' amount of 'Y' Stat to 'Z' Item like the format in the link below shows. Info & Tips Below are some useful links to inform you. It is recommended that you follow the below links for the best outcome of your item. Color Codes
  4. Next Tournament: ??? Time: ??? Current Champions: Legions United Details of the Next Tournament to be released soon
  5. Hello all IceCold gamers! I would really appreciate some help here. I open my IceCold WoW, via the launcher, And then it comes to the Sign in thingy, so when i sign in with my Username and my Password, i suddently get WoW Error. And i dont know how to fix it, please help me :)
  6. Heey guys im Vandalize, Ramzi dlimi is my real name. The problem here i started te normal wow with misstake and closed it, and it ruin the whole WoW for me :'( i cant play no more i tried to download the 4.0.6 in the lin kthat ice - cold gave me but no one seeds and it does hella slow. i wish some one could just send me the files or something please help i still gonna vote if i cant play but i really want to get on again plase help me admins :'( </3
  7. Hey there, I just worked out a little Guide for new Players on the Server.   1.) First of all, how to connect to the Server A complete instruction you can find by clicking the following Link: http://www.icecold-wow.com/index.php 2.) Getting started As soon as you logged in you find a first starter Equip in your Inventory, your starting location is the "Deepholm Mall". You will see different NPCs with equipp your Trainers and many more. Buy clicking NPCs you will get a little Bug. If you go with your cursor on an item it will show you "Retrieving Item Information". You can Fix this bug by clicking the following Link: http://www.icecold-wow.com/topic/890-fixing-the-retrieving-item-information/ 3.) Weapons and more Stuff If you done this successful go to the Panda looking NPCs, there you will get your first Weapons and Armors that you didn't get in your inventory. 4.) Quests At the beginning of Deepholm Mall you will find some Quest NPC's, take these Quests to get better Weapons and some Stuff like a great Ring. The Weapon Quest: You Will have to go to the Dungeon "Stockades". - Open your Inventory - Right Click on the Might and Magic Stone - There you will find Stockades Kill the Monsters there untill you got all the Quest items to finish the Quest. Here we go your first good Weapon. You can't do the Quest twice so you have to Vote for maybe the Offhand Weapon. How to Vote and the Rewards you will find in the next step. The Second Quest: Nearly same like the Weapon Quest, you just have to go to the Deadmines. Also Kill Monsters untill you get all the Quest items. Killing Deathwing: Here you need a Raid. 4-5 People for the beginning should be enough. Deathwing just got a Droprate of about 30-40%. But he drops the best Rings, Necks and more you will find at the moment. 5.) Vote Points If you check out your Might and Magic Stone you will find the Vote Shop, go there and take a look at the gear from the NPCs. Here you can see what are the rewards for voting every 12 hours. To vote click the following link: http://www.icecold-wow.com/vote.php At the NPC you find how many Vote Tokens you need for the item's you want. To receive the Tokens go to your Might and Magic Stone and click on receive Vote Points. Now you got them in your inventory and can buy the Gear you want. 6.) Your Second Gear (Vampire Armor) To get better Gear then your starter Gear just click on your Might and Magic Stone and Choose the location "Ramparts". Easy to go there solo so you dont really need a group for it (remember, more ppl = more fun ;) ). The Monsters here dropping "Vampire Gear" for each Class. You wont find any Weapons here so don't search them for hours it will be useless ;) 7.) Your third Gear (Forest Armor) To get there, click again on your Might and Magic stone and choose the Location "Lightning Halls". You will see very fast that it is much harder then Ramparts but therefore you will get a very nice Armor. Just check out if you can handle it solo but you will prefer playing in a group here. The Droprate is much lower then in Ramparts, so don't despair if you have to farm much longer now ;)
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