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Found 3 results

  1. Moonkinstar

    Ice-Eternian's Status

    Hello, I'm sorry if this has been asked a few times but I haven't heard any news about this. There hasn't been any word on Ice-Cold's second realm (Ice-Eternian) since the release of P.F. I know the admins and devs have devoted their time to fixing up P.F and releasing content for it, but I'd like to know why Ice-Eternian was kept closed? I was told before P.F's launch that Ice-Eternian would remain the same, just upgraded to the 4.3.4 core. I'd like to ask when is the E.T.A for Eternian's reopening, because it'd be a shame to lose all progress on the realm just because it did not receive a significant update like Ice-Cold's primary realm. - Moonkinstar
  2. Hello guys, It's Moonkinstar (aka Anthony) of Ice-Eternian here, I'm very excited for the upcoming P.F! (As others have said, it's been nearly 2 years since the first announcement). Even though I play on the Eternian Realm, I will definitely be checking out New Reaper later today. Back to Ice-Eternian - this realm has been on a content drought since the PvP gear came out (which no one really farms). Unfortunately it will not be affected by P.F, so I'd like to ask a question to the devs (if there are any left?) of Ice-Eternian. Since Halloween is coming up I am just wondering if the Halloween Event from 2015 will come back for Halloween 2016? It would be nice to have a chance to be able to farm up those Halloween Weapons again. Glad to be back, - Moonkinstar
  3. dsdasdasdad

    Eternion - WoW

    Hey what happened to eternian wow, what happened to the population, what happened to the high donor vips, what happened to the essence of the game? I havent played this for almost 2 years but i used to be a players since eternion wow then eternian wow, played for more than 10 years those servers, so i was wondering what is going on with eternian right now Is still Ryan the owner?

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