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  1. I do exist, yes. You, on the other hand... Didn't you die at some point in TWD? o.o
  2. Love you too, you James.... <3
  3. Alright, so this is the second report on Dytafast because of something that's been said in /p. I also noticed Marking being there and I agree with the statement further up. Dytafast is not Markings, I've checked several times. As for what they said in /p.. We have an ignore button for a reason, so please use it. If anyone else from the staff have anything to say, please do so. If not, have a nice day. :P
  4. Dyta, I think you've forgotten something. It could be the crapload of details behind the freeze and the fact that I told you exactly why I froze him. So.. Sean or anyone else.. If you're out there, let us know your opinions.
  5. Re-opened cuz bored. Don't argue in this thread. Share your music and get out xD
  6. It's a music thread... If you wish to continue your little conversation, please do so in the private chat section.
  7. Fellow players of Ice-Eternian. Last night, we experienced a series of realm crashes. On behalf of the entire Staff, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. We're currently trying to find out what's causing the crashes. The only thing we know about them, is that if you enter one of our instances, the realm will crash. All instance teleports in the Magic Stone, have been disabled. Because of this, please do not enter any instances manually either. Anyone doing the exact opposite, will face a ban. Other than that, we once again apologize for the unpleasant experience. ~ Ice-Eternian Staff
  8. Denied. Anyway, it's good to see ya again, Noodle xD
  9. Haider Noodles. xD Patience here :P Long time no see, yerr pirate. How are ya? xD
  10. I present to you, my latest work of art... Richard Cranium in a box.
  11. There's not much Rose and I can do about it as we're GMs and not developers/admins. We do have plans to do/fix/nerf/buff whatever some stuff in the future, but it's one step at a time right now. Just have to be patient. :)
  12. Thank you for letting us know your opinion, Wraithy. You may think it's stupid and useless, but we're just trying to bring back some of the stuff people miss. Recently, I've been asked about twinks a bunch of times and tbh.. I think it's a good idea. Yes they have a lower haste cap, but what's the big deal? If people want to re-live the "nostalgia" by having a twink, I think this should be taken into consideration. After all... It could bring more players to the server.. Old Eternion veterans, new players etc.. Which would result in higher population, more votes for Ice-Cold, having more people to advertise for our server... It's a +1 from me. Best regards ~Aelexia
  13. Mmk, see... It's like this; I'm gonna close this thread now... And if any of my team members wish to post a comment or anything else, they can do that. Just to make sure this doesn't end up as a faecesstorm thread. ~ Aelexia
  14. Corrected it for ya. So long, Loboz.
  15. We have not yet decided whether or not to make it punishable on Ice-Eternian, but I'll bring it up with the rest of the team. Await a reply from either me or one of the others. /Edit: We have decided not to make it a rule on Ice-Eternian, hence it's just one death and it occurs in retail as well. Thanks for your time. Best regards Aelexia.
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