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Eternian is online!


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Ice-Eternian is back online!! To play it, you will need a 4.0.6 client, click into your Game Panel,

read the small description at the top about setting up a password so you can log into the Eternian realm.

Have fun and remember, we have a donation goal to reach by February 1st, if we can't make it IceCold-WoW and all its realms will be shutdown.

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Just so everyone is aware, anything website based (Voting, donations, etc) will not be working on Eternian for now, as the 4.0.6 core does not support the Email system the website is based on.

The current plan for Eternian is to release some new content (Dungeons, World Bosses, etc) on the 4.0.6 core, and slowly start transitioning into the newer 4.3.4 core. If you have any suggestions for new additions to Eternian, please feel free to send me a message, or add me on Skype: Vynlendus :)

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