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  1. thinkking of coming back but i need atleast3 people online if i wanne come back so how many are there ?
  2. oow i bet you do !!
  3. solitaire


    how yall doing having fun on le server or nah ?
  4. *teleports behind your mum* something. personal !
  5. are there people online to camp?
  6. i am used to like atleast 20 i can play with looking at that i can already see they are op enought to do alca
  7. ty!!! happy isnt even the right word jezus ur a god damm god!!
  8. i donated as first on this server an entire amount of 2,50 !!!! i do care
  9. who donated the 50 quid :O
  10. well i will be online in a view hours if ur still online then would be cool
  11. first of all dont get mad smoke some second of all its fun and all those changes but eehm doesnt really matter if there are no players?
  12. long story short i am right thaaaaaanks hun
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