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What to expect before playing


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Hey guys!

The launch of Project Fire (New Reaper) is almost here. There is some stuff you should expect before playing today...

1. Please don't be alarmed by bad dps/broken spells. Our class fixes won't be on the realm today, so don't worry, play your favourite class and the fixes will be applied soon.

(IMPORTANT NOTE) We need your help! Please choose your favourite class/spec, test the dps/spells. You can report bugs HERE.

ONLY report major class bugs, if a spell in your rotation is broken or does low dps/heals please report that spell. You can note minor bugs yourself and later can post about that, right now we just need to know the major problems.

2. Where is all my VIP i use to have!? If you purchased VIP before, a system will be set up so that you can claim your gear. This won't be available at launch so don't panic. Everyone can be equal for launch.

3. No one around to help? Don't worry we will be there, you can use the following options... Admin tickets via the website, Skype (admincortexx1), Curse or In-game tickets.

4. All my stuff is gone? Yes everything is gone, most of the old currencies/items have been removed.

5. No max haste? Yes... one of the major changes to Reaper is the removal of max haste. This will make PvE/PvP more fun and opens up many oppertunites to create great events. BUT... there is a max haste arena, so for all you max haste addicts... you will have the choice to play using no skill.

6. Account problems? If you need any help with this, please create an Admin ticket on the website, we will try our best to help with your situation.

7. Have fun... if you have questions about the content or want to know what you can do in the game, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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7 minutes ago, jboley said:

Whatever happened to the whole thing where we'll still have all our gear, it'll just be transferred equally to what it'd be in PF? I spent 2 years farming, I don't wanna do it all over again :/ 

All old farmed gear is gone, like Retail releasing a new expansion, you must start over getting the new gear.

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