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  1. Trying to monopolize the camps? Well not today you sly fox!
  2. Whom might somebody as sophisticated as I approach to acquire one of these so called "camps"
  3. oh, I got mine. Make an admit ticket I guess
  4. Game panel at the top of the screen, reclaim purchases and it should be there
  5. I understand your concern but technically you donated so they aren't required to reimburse anything. You can put your vip from Eternian on pf though.
  6. Tbh I was told "If you want to leave then go" by staff when I voiced my opinion on the server. Nothing changed, I left. I didn't enjoy a single moment playing the server other than seeing old friends again. I couldn't give 2 sh*ts about balance as long as it's fun, I could deal with limited content as long as it's enjoyable. If it's good enough I'd even grind for all characters and isn't that how you keep people engrossed in the server? Grinding your ass off for random drops isn't enjoyable. I feel depressed and frustrated trying to farm new gear and getting the gear you farmed days for on the
  7. This is unrelated but how tf do I change my title from Expert Player lol
  8. My problem is the server's just not fun, you can't call it a funserver when there's no joy to be had actually playing the game. Anything that works is boring and everything else is broken, there's no fun way to pass time in between farming and that's mostly what pvp was for in reaper but as the server is there's not even anything to do after your 5 instance limit is up. I can farm for hours and get 1 piece of gear I need but get 3 of the same item for something I don't and all it does is make me not want to farm anymore, so I don't, and then I run into the problem of having nothing to do so I
  9. Too bad its back to having no players on again
  10. Thoroughly disappointed..

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