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Project Fire 4.3.4


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2 minutes ago, jboley said:

These comments are depressing after seeing what pf turned out to be. I'll still vote and stuff for a while, but this aint at all worth 2 years of work tbh. Hope it fills out as time goes on

Well, people think it's 2 years of work when they shouldn't think that.

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1 hour ago, loltyler1 said:

this looks like it has been worked on for 2 years because the original post has a picture with dalaran destroyed and in the same thread you posed a picture a month later with one of the world bosses so its safe to say its been in development for almost 2 years

Sure things were started, but with life stuff, we were not able to work on it a lot.

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On 10/25/2016 at 7:55 AM, loltyler1 said:

then you should have hired some devs to work on it

The level of captain obvious this comment exudes is beyond me. If everyone wanted to work on Proyect Fire then yeah they would be done by now, but not everyone wants to help now do they?

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