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Project Fire Release Date!


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The long awaited project "Project Fire" is going to be released next ****ing week! Yes guys, you say it, I can't wait neither! How do I know this? Fortunately I have been informed by one of the staff members on Skype. I'm sure you're asking "Why don't they just announce it themselves?" I believe because I already made a topic about it. Or it's possible they're going to delete this and re-announce it themselves, if they change their mind. Luckily I have permission to spread this out already, so you know the release date already. I could've been trolled on Skype, sure, the possibility is still there. But I honestly doubt it. What would be the point? Exactly, there is no point.



Anyways, I can't believe the wait is almost ****ing over. I will definitely give Project Fire a ****ing try. According to their statements, Project Fire must be really good!



Oh, and I also apologize for my behavior about Project Fire. I thought you guys are never going to release it.







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