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[Updates] Ice-Eternian Changelog


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Update: April 14th, 2014


-Changed all starter accessories upgrade names/material requirements

-Added Deathwing Armor Shard drops in Onyxia's Lair

-Changed the spell trinket upgrades to have 918 haste buff

-Added spell trinket to vote vendor with 1710 haste buff, 35 vote points (Both spell trinkets stack on haste)

-Added all starter accessory level 5 upgrades via Upgrade Gems


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Update - April 30th, 2014:


Vote Reward Vendor has been redone:


There are upgrade material bags you can vote for now that contain stacks of materials

A few more visual effects were added and there's more to come.

You can now vote for some Tmog items, each item is 5 vote points and I will add more to the vote vendor later on.



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All Tmog Armor that is added to the vendors has no class restrictions or faction restrictions so you can be a pally with warrior armor Tmogs or what have you.

The items may appear to be red at the vendor but you can still buy them and use them for tmog.

Same retail restrictions apply for armor as in plate for plate, cloth for cloth, etc.

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Update 8/25/2014:


  • The arena boss Corrupted Phoenix now drops the Big Blizzard Mount and you get Corrupted Eggs by killing it!
    The eggs are used as currency for buying upgrade materials located at the Corrupted Phoenix Hatchling NPC in both malls and the arena.
    To use said currency, sell it to the vendor like you would with Magic Gold.

    Corrupted eggs are now a currency that is used to buy materials from that vendor, yet there is still a solid form, just like magic gold.
  • Added the "Help & Information" book to the Starter Vendor, in both mall areas for all new players. It will also be in newly made character inventories.
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Update 8/28/2014:


Updated the Vote Bags located in the Upgrade Materials section in the Vote Vendor so start voting  :D


To be less confusing on how the vote bags are...each bag has the number of items it contains in the parenthesis.

Example -  [Deathwing Armor Shard V Bag (200)] has 200 Armor Shard V's in it.


You will also notice that some bags have a number on the icon, this means you get more than one.

Example -  [Deathwing Armor Shard V Bag (200)] has a 2 on the icon meaning that you get 2 bags.

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Update 29/8/2014:


Transmogrification Tokens now cost 5 vote points each, which

means you will be able to receive 2 per day just by voting.


You can also exchange 6 Corrupted Eggs with 1 Transmogrification Token at the Corrupted Phoenix Hatchling.

There are more quests added with a bigger amount of Tokens for those who need to buy more than 1 at once.

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Update 30/9/2014:


Special Dungeon "Catacombs" has been released.

  • This is a place made to give an ease or just another way for players that have difficulties farming, to get a
    Frozen Weapon. For the 2nd and last quest, you are permitted to find the Rim of Frost, that drops from all
    Catacombs bosses, yet with a very small drop rate. Completing this quest, you receive 6 Crypt's Passcards
    to use for The Breedwinner's goods, which are Frozen Weapons.

Edit: Quests have been made weekly with a raise on the Rim of Frost drop rate.

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UPDATE : 11/23/14

  • Christmas World Boss added to Magic Stone (Can be found under Special Dungeons)
  • Angry Snowman - Loot consists of Rim of Frost, Vote Trinkets, and Unbound Energy x2.
  • Stratholme, Blackrock, and Stonecore now have an increased drop rate of materials.
  • Corrupted Phoenix now drops Dark Phoenix Mount instead of Blizzard Bear.
  • Increased Angry Snowman Damage.
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Due to multiple requests, we've made a new currency for Event Points. Event Points are earned by completing an event in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.
1st Place: 30 Event Points

2nd Place: 20 Event Points

3rd Place: 10 Event Points

A new vendor has been added to the Gurubashi Arena named "Terran Steelhand". This vendor currently has a small variety of items that you can use your Event Points on, such as any farming materials, and Transmog Tokens. All suggestions of items to be added to the vendor are welcome in this thread. Please use the following format.

Item Name: Worn Greatsword

Item Price: 10 Event Points
Reasons why it should be added: -Place a reason here-


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Blackfathom Deeps is released as of Thursday. For upgrades from Ice Warden's Gear VIII to IX, and Weapon III to IV.


More updates and fixes coming soon.

Work has begun on a newer, better, version of the Deathwing world boss.

This is one of many planned world bosses.


Work has begun to replace the current Deathwing world boss with another world boss with much more powers and a different model.


Stay tuned for more work!




-[ice-E] HGM Space

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Update: 3/4/2015


Changed the Event Vendor up a bit, increased the mats and priced accordingly.

Added Frozen Weapon Part IV and Sea Stones to the vendor.

There are some bags that have a number on the icon, that icon is how many bags you get when you buy it from the vendor.


Here's an example of what I mean:



You can see the number on the bag icon, which will give you 15 bags containing 255 weapon parts each.

We had to do it this way due to the 255 item loot limit so if you plan on buying things from the vendor that have a number on the bag icon, please make sure you have enough bag space.


I will be adding mounts to the vendor here shortly.





Blackfathom Deeps has been scripted for a majority of creatures in the instance. Some bosses are missing scripts and work is in progress for making them a little more diverse.


Based on a poll, additional challenging stats and spells were added to all creatures in BFD. Bosses will be complete by this Sunday.




Added Some Event Token Mounts for 30 Tokens Each. Added Some Vote Reward Mounts for 15 Vote Points Each. More Will Be Added Soon.

Fixed the gold veins in the profession mall so they are mineable now.


Added GM Island as a Player Chillzone to the Magic Stone located under Malls:



When you port to GM Island the Magic Stone will not work so there's an NPC named Serinity to port back to the arena shown below:


More things will be added to the Chillzone soon, atm it's empty with Kenny's house.

Thank you Xzero for helping me script the NPC :)

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Update March 09, 2015


The first set of Bind on Account weapons was released yesterday night.  The quest is available once a week per character in the mall, just talk to Olaf and he will let you know what to do.









Changes may be made via suggestion.



Changes to the spells for creatures in BFD were made today as well. All of them were scaled up a bit and the heals that some of the creatures use were lowered.

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Update March 15th, 2015



Guild services have been added to the Gilneas Mall, friendly to both factions. No need to find them in main cities.




A new world boss, Battlemaiden Shyvra'Kar has been created and is under Magic Stone > World Bosses > Battlemaiden Shyvra'kar.




Two new daily quests were added for killing Corrupted Phoenix and the Battlemaiden. Rewards are to be seen in-game.




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Update: 3/23/2015


Easter boss released, Mr. Nibbles - Spawns every 2 hours

   >Click Magic Stone>>World Bosses>>Easter Boss

   >Quest giver/Vendor is there named Nibbles Jr.

   >There's lootable carrots scattered around each of the custom dungeons that drop the Easter currency.

   >Tip: When killing the boss, take out the little minions it spawns as they heal the boss.



**Thanks Sean and Xmzzy for helping me do the spells on the boss.

  Thank you Treesome, Xmzzy, Kenny, and Elderscrollz for testing the boss with me.

  Thank you Kenny for helping add carrots to the instances.



Player Chillzone removed from Magic Stone as it was another stupid and pointless idea of mine.

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