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  1. ItemID: 17182 Slot: Weapon Type: 2h mace Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/item=17182/sulfuras-hand-of-ragnaros Any possibility to add this as a 1h mace? same thing with the other 2h mace transmogs.. right now it feels like there are not so many transmogs for 1h maces :/
  2. ItemID: 71253 Slot: Waist Type: Plate Wowhead link: if the item is part of a set, link the item set so we can add everything ItemID: 71452 Slot: Wrist Type: Plate Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=594/battleplate-of-immolation-heroic-recolor ItemID: 71475 Slot: Feet Type: Plate Wowhead link:https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=594/battleplate-of-immolation-heroic-recolor These 3 item, or possibly the whole set
  3. Brb, farming Devourer with my Wolf companion.

  4. Because the devs had different ideas they were working at that time, for one part Will has been bussy working on IW X, meanwhile Sean tried to rework Vip 2... Which leaded to this, Op Non Vip Gear that takes less time to farm than Ice warden and with better dmg output statwise.
  5. Tank meta is back Baby!

  6. yo what the heck did you smoke, i wan't some bruh
  7. I wish this could be a momentary fix, meanwhile we search for new ideas to balance spellcasters (and melee?) In pvp. But any way the server rolls, that's the way i roll! More content more fun.
  8. How about 1.5 instead of double, would still be a buff without adding so much stamina, just a suggestion tho
  9. If you mean with that nonvip boss that only nonvip gear can be equipped there, +1. also i tried to suggest a Vip upgrade for Farmable gear, this way ppl that have Vip status can spend some tome and run dungeons to get better gear than the average non vips, without affecting the donatioms at all. Its better to have us bussy than complaining about the lack of content for endgame.
  10. If someone gifted me Officer Vi... That'd be great!

    1. legorata


      Neon Strike is better...

    2. e85daloz


      Yea but Officer is going on sale on a few weeks :P

  11. Big stronk Volidyr

  12. Shut up, you're gonna make them nerf it, also Rfc-Sfk got more bosses, Sfk itself has a 5% chance that a normal mob drops 1 bar plus bosses up to the last dungeon Blackrock Depths, scales +5% per dungeon i think
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