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  1. Yeah still kickin' around! I come back every year or two just to see whats new. Honestly that dungeon makes so much sense for that type of follow-up Diablo dungeon. Looking forward to seeing this stuff come to life!
  2. Good to see new content since I last played, and glad you guys are still creating new things. That Vortex Pinnacle addition to my original DoH dungeon is such a good idea!
  3. Don't mean to necro this thread, but the question is in need of answering again?
  4. Update 22/01/16 As of today Corrupted Eggs are now BoA, too many people are exploiting our rules on Multiboxing and farming thousands of eggs to combine onto one Account. Multiboxing is still permitted but the eggs will only be usable on the Account that receives them. Clear cache before logging on.
  5. To be honest I would be extremely annoyed if there was to be a statslash, I don't care if the value stays the same, what doesn't stay the same is the fact that I/we have paid all this money to BE this strong. That's the whole reason we spent the money. To be nerfed just because a few of us can blitz through any amount of new content you release doesn't make any sense to me. There's only a handful of us who can kill BA in under 3 seconds, the rest of the VIPs normally need 2-3 of them to even kill it in 20 seconds. Either way I probably won't stop playing here, but I will probably be extremely angry. Cheers, Pete
  6. Suggestion Type (Event/General Improvement/Nerf/Buff/Loot/Dungeon etc) : Dungeon. A short description : A dungeon to farm Transmog Tokens, Unbound Energy and/or other Misc. items. How and Who would that Benefit : It would benefit everyone, especially people who aren't online when Events are made. It would benefit people because Transmog is something to do in your spare time/when you're bored and would create a faster way to rack up Transmog tokens than the 1 per 12 hours or whatever it is you can get at the moment. Unbound Energy on the other hand would purely be for faster upgrade purposes. Any screenshots/images if needed : N/A
  7. Not sure if we're aware that the Shaman spell Unleash Elements doesn't work with Windfury. This is very helpful for reaching the haste cap briefly. Thought I'd report it just incase no one knows :P Cheers, Peter
  8. Yes! This very much yes! This would give us higher VIPs something to do in our spare time. Especially if the NPCs were relatively hard to beat.
  9. I have discovered a bug with the ability [Throw] at max haste. Max haste with any Thrown weapon gives you a 0.001 Cooldown on the ability [Throw] I was able to macro 25 lines of /cast Throw and click one button to insta-kill Isaacshooton at 3.7m hp. I don't have any screenshots at this time, but I thought I'd report it regardless. Cheers, Peter/Vinsento
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