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Funny-Picture Thread


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Alright so. Here's an issue I see with IceCold-WoW that we didn't have back in the day-- The forums are kind of... Boring : /


I could remember getting on every day and reading some amazing tips, great suggestions, having a few laughs, and just enjoying my self as I navigated across it.


So this'll be my attempt at getting some regular conversation going-- By posting some of my funny pictures (And if you don't find any of them funny, apologies; feel free to leave the thread :P )


Also. These pictures were either found by me, or made by me. So if you have a question about a specific one-- Do ask! :D
















I'll be adding more, trust me.

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how about instead of banter post funny faeces. If you think you can do better GO RIGHT AHEAD. 

Talking to Wraith, Dyta, and Spacenoober.

Why do that? I have a lot more fun giving people faeces who think all of this latest stuff is funny. Not surprised to see you think it's funny; you laugh at the dumbest faeces.

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