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Death is the logout button


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Our Earth is 4+ billion years old. The universe is 14 billion years old. What would a civilization with a 1 billion year head start look like? What would their virtual reality be like? And if they had found us, why wouldn't they contact us?


The answer would be our nature, and how unrefined of a species we are. We would not hesitate to attack and kill, and lie to, these aliens if it meant we would get their weapons for a war against another human faction tomorrow, because getting those weapons for us means saving those we "love".

But how would they know our reaction for sure, what is to say they hadn't have contacted us already?


Now we need to go to a hot topic of transhumanism, Mind Uploading. We are already researching technology to upload our minds to a computer. How long do you think it will take before we perfect this technology? Less than 1 billion years, that's for sure. A lot, lot, lot, lot less. So how do you think this technology would look like in a civilization which has been researching it 1 billion years longer than us? Another extremely important thing you need to consider is: What would stop someone from uploading his conscioussness multiple times

An even scarier thought: What would stop someone from uploading your conscioussness multiple times, exposing each to a unique scenario in order to create different individuals.


Now, imagine if that someone did this 7 billion times in only one simulation, then 7 billion times again in another but with another human mind. What if you are living inside a simulation right now made by an extremely advanced alien species in order to be tested whether or not humanity is ready for interractions with other intelligent life forms? Everyone else you see is actually just your mind uploaded with its memories wiped, afterwhich it was exposed to other memories common in human cultures.


What if, this sick simulation ends only when all of "you" has disappeared, hence ending the simulation? What if the "Overseer" failed to completely clense a very small number of minds, and these minds became aware of what is going on, and have tried to end the simulation by forcefully trying to log everyone else out?



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