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  1. another dead guy checkin in
  2. There's only a handful of us that just make up content from scratch, as far as 4.3 goes that's not our fault. We have to wait for trinity to finish their end of it before we can use it. Stay patient :)
  3. I'm still staff, still a GM that also works on content. College just takes much of my time nowadays.
  4. That doesn't sound bad, I actually quite like the idea. The issue is though who wins? The player who happened to land the last shot? Or the whole group? What if no one wins? On top of that, we don't have the access to any spells we want anymore, so we would be morphed but still using spells our class uses. It's a great concept though and would be pretty cool if it got all figured out and working.
  5. Most of this inactivity is due to schooling. For example several of us are quite busy in University, but just because you don't see us doesn't mean no one is ever on.
  6. You should contact the GM that witnessed it, because without actual proof it really is just ones word against another
  7. mavrathion


    It's not on IceColds side, anything where you don't get points is an issue with the voting sites side
  8. I'd support this, but there would have to be an application process, excessive surveillance on the rank holders, just enough precautionary steps to avoid anything going up a certain creek. But if it theoretically all worked out perfectly then I'd totally say this is a great idea.
  9. Well this is a heated topic...
  10. The vote gear is used as an incentive to have people vote, which puts our server up higher on those top lists, which brings in more players. So voting gear will most likely never be attainable by any form other than voting.
  11. This is an instant 85 server, our other server True Ice is a blizz like WoTLK server where you start from level one. When will True Ice come back if ever? We don't know.
  12. I usually make these since not everyone goes on the suggestions page, this gives them a little more urging to voice opinions...
  13. mavrathion


    It's about time for another IDEA THREAD! I always love hearing what you guys would be interested in seeing in game in upcoming content. So PLEASE throw out any ideas you may have, or any thoughts on something cool you think would be fun to see. We love to see them and implement them if they work :teehee:
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