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Farewell to Vynlendus


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After years of fun, worries, hard work and, well, not so hard work we decided it was time for a lengthy but overdue conversation between Rocx, Vynlendus and myself.

What began as reminiscing about the past soon turned to a much more serious conversation.
This conversation made us realize that we have come to a point where important decisions about Icecold's future had to be made. And they have been.
After some more discussing we've mutually decided that the time has come for Vynlendus to part ways with Icecold.
Several internal and external factors brought us to this point, and the decision is final.

To make sure everyone understands that we've mutually decided this and that no, Vynlendus will not be making another server, we thought it good to post this official statement. Any further questions regarding the matter can be posted in this thread and in this thread alone.

@eRyan aka Vynlendus, Thanks for everything. You will certainly not be forgotten. All the best to you and don't be a stranger. 



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I would like to mention that,

I comprehend your fluxional divulgation, that you try to collateralize for us. Though, I can't understand why you're appointing your primitively message that you've set upon us.

Please be responsible and undeceive your strange breadboard construction, that you have set up on yourself.

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