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PvP Tournament


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So its time for my annual PvP tournament. There will be 2 divisions Expert and Beginner.

Expert division restricted to full arc gear and Ice Warden X

Beginner is for strictly starter gear.

(Be advised TG and FTP will be allowed, Reskinned custom items that were non VIP will be allowed on a case by case basis as judged by me and staff.)


Matches will be 1 on 1 with pairings based on class/gear with things such as FTP and TG being factored also. I plan on using the nagrand arena for this event, may or may not request buffs to be added haven't decided. People wanting to participate will need to sign up in this thread with your character name and division.


Now for the part you all really want to read about, the rewards.

Top 3 of each division will receive 3 arc runs 25 CP eggs 1 million Magic Gold.

Over all winners of each division will split the pot, as well as receive 5 arc runs and 10 runs through any ice warden dungeon, as well as 250 CP eggs and 20 million Magic Gold(This might be awarded at a later date)


After the main tournament is over there will be a special Free For All Event, This will be open to anyone but still non VIP gear only, The last one standing will receive a mystery prize. (I guarantee you'll like it)


P.S. Runs can also be done on reaper if the winner prefers, so people from reaper should feel free to come join also!


Date is TBA currently as I gotta figure stuff out with sean.

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I would do expert but i am sadly 5/8 arca pieces only :( anyone else like me close but so far at the same time? And it would be very cool and if on reaper there will be runs how many and anytime they have to be one by if won by someone that plays reaper

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