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(RE)Kenny Abusing Spells


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Report A Player Format
  • Player's Name : Medaevia
  • Rule Broken : Abusing spells
  • What Happened : He killed others and me without our consent while having his GM spell up.
  • Screenshots : (Required)



You're not getting away that easy Kenny.


I think it's bullfaeces if I report a specific GM, and that specific GM replies to the report. I'm sorry but that's extremely stupid. Anyone with a common sense of thinking knows the report will fail. Apologizing isn't enough. You've done this in the past, in here and Eternion. You are always like this when you're a Game Master. That's the reason why you got fired in the first place on Eternion. Things like: "I'm sorry it won't happen again" would be OK if this was the first time it happened. If you're allowed to "test" it, don't test it on players, Training Dummies exist for a reason.


Also, you didn't give me the chance to explain that we're cool with eachother calling us names.



TL;DR: I expect punishment.

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I will ask Kenny about this matter, and it will be handled. I apologize for any inconvenience this incident has caused players. As far as punishment goes, it would depend on what happened to actually do anything about it. If he was merely casting spells it wouldn't do anything, as the spell only effects melee damage multipliers and some abilities. Thank you for your report. I will not allow spells to be added to non-Development staff again.

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