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Impersonating GM/STAFF


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Player: Chip ( http://www.icecold-wow.com/armory/character/1/274276-Chip/ )

Account: http://www.icecold-wow.com/user/134565-starstruck236873618/

Time: 4:42AM Server Time

Reason: Impersonating a GM/Staff or Previous staff member




Crop had some SS's as well, but check the chat logs because he couldn't get it in the post.

I acutally thought my friend Chip from Eternian and ExHGM from Eternian had gotten on and I waved to him.

Then I looked him up and saw that it was some kid's account.


Other players online at the time seemed to think he was the staff member chip as well, as if he had been doing this much longer than the time of the report.


This needs to be handled.

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I saw that aswell. I was watching when Crop and "Chip" discussed something with lost password, which is shown on your SS. I thought it was a bit fishy as Chip for some while ago quit being a GM at Eternian and haven't been on since his goodbye. But i never really bothered to do something with it, so i didn't really care so much about this situation :P




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Lol, Starstruck, he tried to impersonate me and tried to steal my account.

100% Good Proof, waiting for the ban now.

He also asked for my account details because he thought I would trust him when his name is Chip. Lmfao.

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