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Extremely Delayed Intro


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My name is Sean, I am an IT graduate with a love for video games. I love to help out with technical problems and issues with troubleshooting equipment and software. I am in the job market at the moment and am trying to stay fresh. 


I play a lot of classes, but prefer the paladin. I choose a different class only because everyone else decides to go to the most used class. So I am a VIP7 hunter on Reaper named Dez, and a Custom Geared Death Knight named Axes on Eternian. These are my mains, and I am more than likely going to change around for the next few months until the developers fix things to a sustainable level.


I mainly play on Eternian now, so I will know more about recent updates.


I am interested in keeping this server populated with as many helpful and intuitive individuals, as well as keep the competition up.


Respect goes a long way with me.


I live life by logic, feel free to call my mistake out.


I have a bad temper due to Bipolar Disorder, I'll get over it though.


I love my family.



Thanks for listening.

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Your Dk named Axes has swords equiped. You're doing it wrong. Js.


I'm not gonna welcome you since well, you're not new. But honestly, good to still have you around. I hope you and your great support stick around.


The swords are models of Scythes too. Don't forget. :P


I won't be leaving anytime soon.

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