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  1. heloot

    Donny's back

    One second. I am trying to find the faecess given. Lol jk Welcome back bro! Good to have you back.
  2. 4 of my Friends left the server yesterday ._. can't you see now GM's that we need to make a change before everything goes down. Stahp torturing me pls

    1. agittunc


      aulton kills server + ewow kills server. it just made it so unpopulated that it has became to boring

  3. Nice did you us Cs6? I really like the second one c:
  4. heloot

    Transmog Vendor

    So expensive lol =.= But nice!
  5. Nice, Smooth the edges but nice
  6. heloot

    Good ole times

    Highlord Tirion Fordring?
  7. heloot

    Good ole times

    Yeah! haha they werelike my favorite NPC's they just look so... legit o:
  8. lol that pic is beautiful though xc
  9. Having a bad day :/

  10. lol nice! I should partake in this banner tho c;
  11. I named one of my ex glass pipes Rainbow unicorn pug ._.
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