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  1. Power

    Im gonna play this on my youtube account

    Project Fire is going to be a lot better than reaper when it comes out :)
  2. Power

    Project Fire Questions?

    Im on like 24/7 haha
  3. Power

    Project Fire Questions?

    Jordan msg me on skype when you what the classes to be tested again im glad to help you with it.
  4. Power

    Project Fire Questions?

    When can we test the dungeons Jordan?
  5. Power

    Icecold is Dead ?

  6. Power

    It's Been Forever, Icecold

    What is going on?
  7. Power

    It's Been Forever, Icecold

    when project first hits they will be a lot more people online a big update for the server
  8. Power

    Project Fire Suggestions 2016

    Ryan do the vip gear reset two? or just weapons
  9. Power

    Nice background

    © By Power

  10. A lot of new stuff to add 1. Make transmog free 2. Need more Game Masters on the server 3. More events on the server 4. More RP items added to vendors 5. Better looking vip gear 6. More vote links 7. Cooler Melee Weapons on store Thanks Power Post all you want :thumbsup:
  11. Power

    PF is geting there

    yep give it more time im going to say around 3/14/16 maybe later idk
  12. Power


    You to man

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