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  1. What it means is I been waiting to play since you took it down. Now it's not coming back online till its fixed and the new realm going up till then I won't have my stuff as well I'm already a few months without being able to use my stuff now I'm being told it will be longer and the new realm will be like eternian but I don't get my stuff unless I pay for it again to be transfered to the new realm I mean I don't see how this inconvenience is a problem based on population when we had nothing to do with eternian going down. Ryan should know how this feels because I was a Gm with him on the old et
  2. Wait so my donor on eternion is faeces and I'm faeces out of luck is what I'm seeing I kinda figured I would get shafted on the realm I liked and I would have to start over again reminds me of the old owners on which the server was based from.. pops sorry but not sorry
  3. when you try to go to orgim with the teleport stone you will be errored out the moment you are to spawn this is a problem as im not able to play my character now
  4. is this back up yet or what i wana play and eternian wasnt promised fire
  5. thank you ryan for the update. to the dev's it looks like you were doing alot more then what people were thinking so many new zones and gear and what not gg guys gg
  6. well i hope its not much longer. gets very dull playing by yourself all the time btw if u see ryan tell him that ex gm stabgitz of nhr says get his ass moving :P
  7. loboz im talking about etern not reaper. as well understand about that but maybe patch notes updates would make people a bit happier you know im not trying to stir up an issue but population being low is never acceptable. also i do realize the amount of work put in cause i have done it myself. i redid the gm addon back on eternion took me 3 months to work out all the bug's not to mention i owned my own server back in bc days before the emu's had so much trouble
  8. well the issue is there its been months and people are already discouraged about it. i came here start having some fun only to find out so many people were disappointed that its taking so long to push out the update.
  9. well its not just that. issue is people dont want to play because after say rank 3 of armor most toons are useless in other area's without groups non vip gear kinda sucks i have a vip 1 warrior and he is already 10X more powerful then my paladin in almost full rank 4
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