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Project Fire Dev Update: Scaling



We've decided that as development on Project Fire goes on, we should occasionally post development updates about some of the new content and systems you will encounter when it goes live. The first dev update is a small one, but more detailed ones will follow as we are ready to show progress.


Project Fire will contain plenty of world content, a major aspect of it being World Bosses and various difficult non-instanced enemies.

One problem with these enemies at the moment is that their difficulty is fixed. You need to bring a decent number of players to defeat them. And if you bring a lot, there is no longer a challenge. So how do we make it better?

For this, we've developed Boss Scaling. As you bring more people to attack a world enemy, the health of that enemy increases dynamically based on the number of players attacking it, keeping the level of challenge relatively the same for everyone.

So how does it work?

Every World Boss has a base health pool. This is the minimum size of their health pool, and it will not scale downwards. Every boss also has a "Minimum Enemies" number. This is the minimum amount of players recommended to fight the boss at his base health pool.

If the number of players fighting the boss exceeds the "Minimum Enemies" number of the boss, he will start to scale up his health pool to try and maintain the difficulty.

Example: A World Boss with a health pool of 10 million, and a Minimum Enemies number of 5. This equals to about 2 million health per enemy, and a requirement of at least 5 players to engage.

If 2 more players join the fight, the boss health increases to 14 million, keeping the "2 million per enemy" health.

We hope this feature will be well received and give groups a welcome challenge in world content. If all goes well with the technology, we may look at expanding it to other aspects of the realm!

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Good job , never give up , i'll be supporting reaper no matter what. I'm proud of you . Thank you for the job that you are doing . clap !

Kiss ass. I mean, yeah, this is good, but you're acting like they came up with the idea of Flexible Raiding.

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Kiss ass. I mean, yeah, this is good, but you're acting like they came up with the idea of Flexible Raiding.

he is just supporting them. just stop flaming people on forums. just makes you look bad on yourself.


but yea this is only flex raiding. nevertheless its a good idea to use it. keep it up! ;)

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