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[F.A.Q.]Frequently Asked Questions on Ice-Eternian


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I'm making this thread in order to spare the GMs some time with tickets that contain Frequently Asked Questions. So if you're a new player, please take 10 minutes to read this.

Q1: Where can I farm upgradable gear?


A1: Once you create your character, use your IceCold Teleporter, then go to Eternian Content -> Ice Warden Dungeons. There you can upgrade your gear. Start at Forge of Souls and go to the next one when you have all your gear upgraded, you may want to group up as dungeons will get progressively harder. 


Q2: I got my gear, but how do I start upgrading my items?


A2: Once you have it, put the desired item in your bag, right click your IceCold Upgrader and then left click the desired item. A small window containing what materials the upgrade requires will open. If you have the required materials click on the complete quest button, and you will receive your upgraded item.


Q3: What's Magic Gold and where do I farm it?


A3: Magic Gold is one of the realm's custom currencies. It can be farmed in dungeons, world bosses, and some quests. It can be used to purchase transmogrification items.


Q4: What is Fine Iron used for?


A4: Fine Iron is an upgrade material used to upgrade your gear and Ice Warden Tabards. Fine Iron drops from any world boss, dungeon bosses, and can also be bought at the currency exchange vendor for 25 Gladiator Badges.


Q5: What is Life Essence used for?


A5: Life Essence is used to upgrade the Ice Warden Tabard and your Frozen weapons. It drops from world bosses.


Q6: I need an Admin, what do I do?


A6: If you're in need of Admin assistance, log on website and go to Contact Admins and submit an Admin ticket. Admin tickets can be made here.


Q7: I want to buy a custom item, how?


A7: If you're going to buy a custom item with custom stats, submit an Admin ticket containing Display ID, Name, Color of the name and Stats for your custom item. Note that there's a $5 fee you have to pay when you're making a custom item. A list containing all of the custom stat prices can be found here.


Q8: Are GMs allowed to max professions?


A8: No, GMs aren't allowed to max professions for players, no matter if they have VIP status or not. You have to level up the profession on your own.


Q9: Where are the transmogrification vendors?


A9: Transmogrification vendors can be found in the arena and in the mall.


Q10: What is the respawn time of Warmaster Alastor?


A10: Warmaster Alastor's respawn time is 10 minutes.

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