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[Updated] Ice-Eternian Custom Prices


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Customizing an item: €5

(Allowing 1 free displayID, name, and description change upon purchase)


Customizing your whole gear set (Includes rings, trinkets, necklace, back): 30

(Allowing 1/slot free displayID, name, and description change upon purchase)

After customization, the fee will not be needed for any stat adding in the future. When recustomizing or adding $5 or more of stats per item: changing the name, displayID, and description is included.

Primary Stats (Strength, Agility, Intellect): 1 = 600

Secondary Stats (Stamina, Spell Power, Attack Power): 1 = 1200

Off Stats (Resilience, Resistance, Mastery, Spell Penetration): €1 = 100


Damage: €1 = 450

Haste: €1 = 120

Stat Swap (Changing a custom added stat into another): €10 per stat
Each additional stat swap of the same stat type: €2

Stat Transfer (Moving a custom stat from a custom item to another): €5 per stat

Transfer (Allows you to change the weapon type, such as dagger to mace, of any custom weapons you have for free): 10

Transfer & 2x Stat Swaps: €20 - Stat swaps expire after 24 hours of purchase, you can not save a stat swap for a future occurrence.


Full Talents: 50

Titan's Grip: 50


Meta Gem Socket: €5

Gem Socket (blue, red, yellow): €1

Adding a visual spell (A spell that only effects you visually): 10


Making a weapon 1 Handed/2 Handed: €10

Changing Weapon Speed (Anywhere from 1.00 - 3.00): €10

Changing Weapon Speed (To 4.00): €20

Changing Weapon Speed (To 5.00): €30

VIP7 Weapons

One Hand: 30

Two Hand: €60

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