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is eternian dead?

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Pfft like anyone could ever get rid of me!? Many have tried none of succeeded, just pop around sometime during the late morning early afternoon PST monday-thursday and usually you'll see me. (Unless I have to go pray to the toilet like I was last week)

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On 2/7/2018 at 10:49 PM, VinsentoNZ said:

Don't mean to necro this thread, but the question is in need of answering again?

Late but people should at least get an answer from us.

No, but as you probably know better than most people, it's very hard and time consuming for one person to do most of the work on one realm. I have a million things to do on that realm, and we also have work to do on legion, but no, I'm nowhere near stopping work on Eternian, I wouldn't call it dead.

Locking this, let's make a new one if this topic is ever in need of discussion in the future.

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