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Dont let this be the end!!


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Tent your the man!!! Keep up the effort. I hope all you continue to do pays off, I have been here for years, and would miss this server. People remember this "Dont know what you got till its gone" dont let ice cold shut down, everyone needs to get more active again. We have to help out as a community.. All you out there lets go!!! and support ice cold before its gone. To all the members I know some stuff isn't there yet. As far as a lot to do. But you can still help by getting active again. So that way when new members sign up they dont see a dead zone, and give up on this server. What this comes down to is this, support ice cold, or we will lose ice cold.

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I play daily, and have been trying my best to help support the server by consolidating all my suggestions into a single thread, so the devs/admins may get feedback on what needs to be changed.

It doesn't help when 95% of this list is ignored. I know you have far more important priorites in your lives than adding custom content on a 3.5 year realm (Eternian came out mid-2013) with almost zero net population, but the lack of content is mostly what's keeping players away.

Some of the minor things on that list wouldn't take more than 5 minutes to implement, such as re-enabling wands to encourage people to play casters, changing a socket bonus so palas/sham/druids won't oom after 5 spells, making an IW tabard without haste for DoT-based spell casters, adding an Agility version of The Butchers Cleaver for the agility-deprived classes, the list goes on. It's not necessarily bad to have a content drought when the peak population is 2-3, but even the most minor of changes could bring a few people back. We saw almost 10 players online when DoH was released.

I'm thankful for all of you trying to help the server at this point of time, especially Tent who has been very hard-working in getting new content on the way. We hope this is not the end, because Eternian is/was one of the best private realms I've ever played on (next to Eternion).

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  • IceCold Admins

We are doing all we can, and we will not stop until the day IceCold shuts down. If it does.

As for some classes not having Agility, that's because it's not the main stat for certain classes. Like for Warriors...you have strength and slower two handed weapons you can dual wield so you usually end up hitting harder, and for a Rogue you have agility and faster weapons that that do less damage per hit. But you also have a higher crit chance. With the way this realm works all class balance goes out the window. So it's hard to really get things right.

Paladins sacrifice some damage for healing and better survivability, some classes are glass cannons...they do lots of damage but can't survive as well as other classes that do slightly less damage but can also heal. Classes have different roles, if you want to play something that does a lot of damage...pick one that does, if you want a class that can heal and still do a bit of damage you can pick one that does that, it's pretty simple once you think about it. You can't have all the classes being good at everything, it just doesn't work that way.

With that being said I highly doubt we will be adding Agility to any weapons or gear that does not already have it, same goes for any other stat, however, adding more weapons to the dungeon is definitely something that has been considered. We have lots of work ahead of us if we want to upgrade to 4.3 and still make content for you guys on 4.0.6 while you wait for the upgrade. It is more work than some might think, so please be patient with us.

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About the suggestions made by Moonkinstar, I do understand what you are saying Tent.

But as eternian is a haste server and crit gems are really important I think Moonkinstar has some really good points. It's only fair that for example paladins should sacrifice some damage for the healing but at this moment I think it's not balanced either, with maxed geared non-vip paladin doing like 5m dps and a druid in the same gear doing more like 20m dps. For the tabards without the haste, I think that's  a good idea too because warlocks and priests are actually pretty useless when they reach haste cap.

In my opinion there are some classes like paladin, shaman, dk and most casters that get outscaled in both pve and pvp. Some extra crit on a few items should atleast help pala and dk to be more descent in pve damage output. As well as for a 0 haste tabard for priest and warlock.

That being said, It's a really good thing that the staff is worked hard on the server and I hope the server will start growing again. But in my opinion you should look further into the suggestions Moonkinstar made if you have the time.

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