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  1. First of all, it is really great that we finally have a new dungeon, let's hope some new content will make the server more active again. Got a few suggestions, I think the drop rate of frozen orb is a bit to high. Got like 2 times as many frozen orbs as glacial shards. You can also up the glacial shard drops, but I think then eveyone will be maxed again within a week. Then the bosses are pretty easy and only drop 1 shard too, maybe it's an idea to make the bosses almost impossible to solo ( so ppl can still farm on mobs when there is nobody to farm with, and make a group to kill bosses) and then make them drop like 20 shards or something. Also I can't get pas sister Svalna, not abble to attack the boss for some reason.
  2. About the suggestions made by Moonkinstar, I do understand what you are saying Tent. But as eternian is a haste server and crit gems are really important I think Moonkinstar has some really good points. It's only fair that for example paladins should sacrifice some damage for the healing but at this moment I think it's not balanced either, with maxed geared non-vip paladin doing like 5m dps and a druid in the same gear doing more like 20m dps. For the tabards without the haste, I think that's a good idea too because warlocks and priests are actually pretty useless when they reach haste cap. In my opinion there are some classes like paladin, shaman, dk and most casters that get outscaled in both pve and pvp. Some extra crit on a few items should atleast help pala and dk to be more descent in pve damage output. As well as for a 0 haste tabard for priest and warlock. That being said, It's a really good thing that the staff is worked hard on the server and I hope the server will start growing again. But in my opinion you should look further into the suggestions Moonkinstar made if you have the time.
  3. Just waiting untill eternian comes back online, if that will ever happen.
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