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Project Ice


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So Reaper is having this thing Project Fire going on so I figured we could have our very own counterpart and name it "Project Ice" and basically it'll be a bunch of staff members and hired devs doing absolutely nothing all day long pretending to be doing important work.

So basically it won't be much different from Project Fire. We just strap a name on what's been happening so far.

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Please, go and build your own server from the ground up. It must contain all custom gear, currency, instances, quest, etc. all fully scripted. And it must be equivalent to any of the Ice realms. Lets see how fast you get yours done with virtually no bugs and class balance.




Take a deep breath. Relax.




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You're not very good at making jokes. Also, get your facts straight if you choose to ridicule someone.


Well I've never seen you or Daz laugh since december so I don't think the problem's with me. You need to laugh at a joke once in a while. Seriously, learn to laugh at yourself.




@Chocolate, I would like to see your sig removed. We do not tollerate racism.





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