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Druid gear!!?


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So i looked up my druids gear and was wondering why the pvp, voter and Illu gear sets got strength? since strength dont really work for druids. 

I heard about some servers use strength on druids so they can hit harder in bear form but is it the same on ice? cuz i can't see it working.. 


i can see that all the vip gear dont have strength on? so why put the strength on the normal farmer gear then??


and pls let the druids and dk be buffed a bit cuz its to main stream that nearly every server have Pala's as the overpowered toon :) 

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  • Staff

Strength affects attack power, which is used in your forms. Of course your talent spec affects form attack power also. I know that reaper druids are weak, its been known for a long time. One of the main goals of project fire is to have these issues fixed to achieve true class balance.

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