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1). more active GMs are needed. I only see one GM and even that's rare botd is the only semi-active right now. Everyone else is handling dev/admin work most the time or not even online. 


2). Buff mages please, right now mages are weaker then warlocks. Warlocks were buffed to make them a more viable non VIP option and in general more attractive to play. I really don't see why the same cannot be done for mage. 


3). Also I think that adding a new arena bosses in the blades edge and nagrand arena's that also drop Unbound Energy and CP eggs along with an artifact once in awhile or even a non upgradable weapon thats equal to an frozen weapon.


4). Increase mat drops to 5-7 in Strath,BRD and Stone Core, It's extremely difficult for non VIPs to farm all the required mats with out spending weeks farming or begging super VIP players to run them.


5). Create Transmog Dungeons where players can farm rarer items not in the Tmog vendor.


6). Bring back account transfers. This is something many high VIP players would like to see come back it would increase donations that come in. I realize also that there have been problems with this in the past.


7). Use Will of Sargeras in the catacombs to drop a frozen weapon by a low chance.


8). Many players would like to see AoE looting come in to play as this would make looting faster and less of a chore when large groups of mobs are killed.


9). Refer a friend program for donations. When a player refers a friend and that friend makes any purchase in the store they receive a special mount, Further more for every 100$ there friend spends they receive a 10$ credit(One time only).


10). Add daily quests for all dungeons to make it a bit more interesting then just kill and loot.


(I'm well aware I didn't follow the proper format, I don't really care.)

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#1 When more than 5 players are active at a time it's worth for a gm to be online (Yeh, that's the reason I and few other gms left.)

#3 The realm needs more variety. The only weapons that you should get at the moment are frozen weapons. Why not add more difference, like reaper got ashkandi or fotb? So players can choose from a variety of weapons. Same for #7 The more variety the better.

Buffing classes and instances loots are a way to bring players back, might work. I believe most of the staff knows why most of the players quit the realm. the enchants were op but they were good. It might be the only to bring players back again. I realize that the server won't have the same player base as the summer but to keep the realm alive changes must be done.

Transmog dungeons would be really cool.

Not really into account transfers.

Daily quests for dungeons were suggested back and forth but it maybe was taken in consideration or maybe not.

About the AoE loot, that probably was considerable when the realm had that MoP core but now it's impossible.

But yeah that's only the talk of me, an exgm that shouldn't be hired from the eyes of some reaper players "he's an idiot you shouldn't hire him".

I'd really like to see the realm be reborn, yes that may be a lot of work, but should worth. Take as an example Reaper. This realm(server) been out there for more than 4 years.

Goodluck with ur suggestions. :)

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1). Hiring more GMs isn't quite an option right now. We have a very low population, so it would turn our population into only GMs, which isn't too good...
2). We're currently working on a lot of spell changes, but some are harder to change than others, and some just aren't able to be changed. So, this will take a lot longer than warlocks did.
3). We use Blades Edge for testing, but we'll surely find new places across the map to put world bosses, and for the community to hang out.
4). We're in the process of revamping a lot of dungeons, which will come with higher drop rates. :)
5). This is definitely something that we can do. Any suggestions can be sent to my Skype (Vynlendus) 
6). Cross account transfers will not be re-implemented. But, we are activating the Character Shop in 2015.
7). Will of Sargeras can be added to be a new world boss, with a small chance at Frozen weapons. :)
8). AoE looting is not possible in 4.0.6 cores. This would require a complete re-write of the loot system, which would cause core instabilities.
9). Refer a Friend is already implemented on IceCold, but there are currently no rewards. I'll look into seeing if we can add rewards to it, such as store credit, or even a small non-VIP item claimable on any character.
10). Daily Quests are going to be created once we're done revamping the dungeons. We don't want to make a daily quest for a dungeon, and then just completely remake the dungeon. But, this will be implemented soon enough.

If there are any other things players would like to suggest, please post it in this thread. I'll attempt to read all suggestions and reply to the thread as soon as I can.
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