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AddOn for Eternian


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Heya, Patience here! xD


As the title says, I'm currently working on an AddOn for Eternian to make some things easier.


Functions that will be included in the AddOn;


1; Easier and faster teleporting.


2; A tracker for Magic Gold.


3; Corrupted Egg tracker.


4; Unbound Energy tracker.


5; Upgrading items made easier.


6; Fast and easy instance reset.


7; Atlas Loot function, enabling search for existing in-game items.



If there are any suggestions as to what to put in the AddOn, please post a comment, shoot me a private message or, only if you have it, contact me on Skype.





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Another thing will be added to the AddOn.

The idea came from Sean, a.k.a Botd, so credits to him.


I know it takes a while to learn all your skills when you've just started a new character, or if you're leveling a profession.

This is the reason why I've decided to add a button that, when you click on it, activates a script.


This script will automatically learn every available spell, skill, passive effect or a recipe/design/schematic etc (Professions),

so you don't have to click endlessly on the "Learn/Train" button.


In order for it to function properly and do as said above, all you have to do, is talk to the NPC before you click the button.




Any suggestions or opinions, please post a comment.




~ Patience

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Kenny is that an updated version of Grappemaker's add-on :)? Looks good.

Yes it is, my dear friend. :)


Only thing is... I'm having trouble connecting the teleport function to the Magic Stone.


It does work, but it just doesn't go to the right teleport tab.


Example; I set it to Shadowfang Keep and click Teleport, then right-click my Magic Stone.

It then goes to the "PvP Zone" tab inside the MS and nothing else happens.


If you know someone who can fix that, I'll be happy to pay the guy. Even if it's good old "Baldy".

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