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Suggestions to Improve Gaming experience

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  • Suggestion Type ( General Improvement ):- Addition of New World Bosses in the server Like Deathwing and Lichking 
  • A short description :- Eternian is a cool server but it lacks in World boss , at this time only boss we have is Arean boss Battle Angel, I am thinking that addition of new boss with extra ordinary drop would be good for all players .
  • How and Who would that Benefit :- It will benefit both players and server , when players feel enjoyment in the server , they surely invites there friends to play there as well , Result - Increase in population on server , as well increase in donation too.
  • Any screenshots/images if needed :- i am adding a screenshot of one of the reaper Vip World Boss




Waiting for Feedback , if my suggestion is good pls reply ,so i can add more good suggestions 


Thank u all


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I like the idea as well. Would be nice having old gear back too such as the heroism/sunset/courage gear and the spell versions of them for maybe PvP event purposes. Would be cool to see older weapons too such as the warglaive, maybe tweak the stats on it and add more dmg and more haste as a buff. Just throwing out some ideas of my own.

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I Think the if we get a new boss it should drop the items that Argaloth dropped, (Starter trinket, ring's, neck ect) Instead of buying them from the npc, pluse them items were good items in the market, put the starter trinkets and stuff into the NPC.

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Hey Guys , Thx for feedback 

Well, i come up with ideas what these boss drop

1. Weapons - With extra ordinary look and stats is the best choice (  Name for weapons - The Mighty Sword of Ice King , Axe ,bow ) etc

2. Unbound energy

3. A large amount of magic gold

4.Transmog token ( 5% drop chance )

5.Title which provide some kind of buff like 10% stats or 10% haste some kind of that would be nice  


Note - I give more preference to weapon and a buffing titel .

            Thank  for looking the suggestion

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