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  1. daang I don't know if you remember me but I remember dueling you constantly on reaper before project fire lmao my pallies name was Aero or Dragneel, I had gotten my VIP 7 from buying Wraithy's character he was kinda known across the server if I remember right? Hope your doing well regardless, kinda attempting to get back into this at the moment haha.

  2. Teasers :D I like the sound of that haha.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info, i'm looking forward to this. :D
  4. Sounds great i'm excited, :D and thanks for the great response. ^^
  5. So I don't think I've seen a post about this anywhere, and plus I know almost absolutely nothing about what's coming in Project Fire besides Reaper is getting a revamp I see the picture of Dalaran and I saw someone said something about Dalaran being a world event or something I'm not even sure if they were being serious or just ****ing around, but anyways all we've done is give suggestions so far, so what can we expect from Project Fire besides just a polish up of the server I guess like is there anything your bringing in we can know about know or attempting to bring in or are you just going to bring in everything from our suggestions that you like and think are a great/good ideas? O:
  6. Is there an expected release date for Project Fire, or do you guys not really have an idea yet?
  7. Also i'm not really sure if this is even an offense against the IceCold constitution buuuuut idk maybe its a bug or something you guys don't know about that you should. Cause I don't see how the hell he got stuck. O. o
  8. I caught this big boi w/ a bugged ROFL bot, not sure if it was intentional or accidental but yes. the deed is done.
  9. There's an event tomorow 12:30 realm time for all JFK was AFK guild members.

    1. Dragneelion


      Tomorrow being Monday for those who live in different time zones than I.

  10. Me and My son chillin, dont mind the noobs in the background
  11. 1. You guys should really have more events or the GMs should make more events even simple ones would be cool just like Hide and seek, (I guess that relates to just a more active staff or more staff members). 2. You guys should put signs up or something in the spawning area in Dun Morogh where you first spawn with a new character to let people know like your not supposed to be doing anything there, or change the spawning area to the Deepholm Mall or something because within just the last 2 days I've gone back there to find 3 people doing the quests there with no idea what they're doing now I know there's a help and info book in your bag but I guess some people aren't the brightest? or most intelligent when it comes to video games. xD 3. You guys need to make all pieces of equipment transmoggable to what you have equipped there's actually a set I like from one of the RP vendors that I can't transmog because it doesn't have stats. 4. Nothing else is coming to mind at the moment i'm sure there's more but oh well i'm tired! Yay for Project Fire! :D
  12. Im unbanned :D

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    2. Negan


      You do not have to be thankful. It is alright.

    3. jboley


      Have fun with my Vip7! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    4. Dragneelion


      Ty for selling it ^^ have fun on eternian if that's where your headed thats what Barrlow said xD

  13. Hanging out w/ this champ.
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