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  1. Hello all, As you have read the title I will be resigning. I do not want to explain why, I wish you all a great new year. Sincerely, Chris, a.k.a Molton
  2. Bunny

    T3 Chests

  3. Hi there,can you give me a link for wow 4.0.6 to download ??


  4. Bunny


    At the login screen use your IceCold Username you registered with instead of your email. You will only need to use your email when Project Fire launches.
  5. Bunny

    Account Change Warning

    To anyone thinking this is happening right now, re-read the article. The will only be active "at the launch of Project Fire."
  6. Bunny

    Removing the Patch when opening wow

    Hello, Do not login using your Email, it makes the client think you are trying to connect to retail which is why it says it requires a Patch to be downloaded. Just use your account name you registered on IceCold-WoW with and you will be fine.
  7. Meow.

    1. husky9675


      wuff wuff to you me friend *w*

  8. Bunny

    Mysterious Enchant???

    That's a hidden weapon display that a GM Weapon uses. A few years ago, GMs used to get those types of weapons if they were on the team for a while. Only an Admin can get those weapons now.
  9. Bunny

    an expetation during web client request

    Hello, Could you give us more information about your problem? Like what version of WoW are you running, when does the error pop up, do you have .net Framework installed on your computer, etc.
  10. Bunny

    Funny-Picture Thread

  11. Bunny

    Merry Christmas

    Yes, we deeply need that Christmas Sale Coupon up to help the Overlord with his drug problem.
  12. Bunny

    Project Fire Suggestions

    Sadly, we can't add MoP/WoD items or models into PF because it would require a patch which Ryan doesn't want to do.
  13. Bunny


    "Now get a fan brush and put a small amount of Titanium White on it. Make these waves go like "Choo... Choo..."" - Bob Ross
  14. Bunny


    He is a bauss.

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