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Eternian 2.0


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So, after weeks of staying up way too late. Eternian's upgrade to 4.3.4 is finally complete. The 4.0.6 realm has been shut down so we can move characters over to the new database. There are some features you might notice are gone on the new realm, those were removed. VIP Dual Wield is not on the teleporter anymore. I'm working on a fix for that, Arcatraz had to be removed for now since there was a lot of problems with it and i was unable to get it working the way it did on 4.0.6, we are planning to re-release it. It might be a different dungeon though. Learning all weapon types was removed, we thought it was a silly thing to have in the first place. So if you have any donation weapons that you can't use anymore please make an admin ticket and we will change it to one you can use for free. 

Some things might be a little off, we are going to fix any issues you guys find. So please report everything that is missing or not working the way it should. We will fix it as soon as we can.

Players should have everything they had on 4.0.6 Eternian.

Beefstorm, Rocx and myself worked very hard on this. We hope everyone likes it. The new realm should be up as soon as we finish copying characters over.

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