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Project Fire Dev Update: Instances


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We've decided that as development on Project Fire goes on, we should occasionally post development updates about some of the new content and systems you will encounter when it goes live. This one is about dungeon and raid systems in Project Fire. Please note that the realm is still in development and no details here are set in stone, and are subject to change based on feedback and testing.

Dungeon Difficulties

Most dungeons on Project Fire have 2 difficulties, Normal mode and Heroic mode. There are some major differences between them:

Normal mode

-Can be reset and repeated as much as you want during the week (An instances-per-hour limit does apply though).

-Relatively easy. Mechanics are nerfed, and health/damage is reduced. Still challenging to do completely solo, but a skilled player could do it. 2 or more players would find it extremely easy.

-Significantly less loot. The actual loot items that are dropped is the same as Heroic mode, but in very small amounts, and bosses are not even guaranteed to drop anything.

Heroic mode

-Each heroic dungeon can be completed once per day. They cannot be reset manually.

-Challenging. Mechanics are in full operation, and health/damage is tuned for 5 decently geared players. 5-man groups are required, it would be impossible or extremely difficult to do it with less.

-More loot. Bosses are guaranteed to drop loot, and more of it.


All bosses in Project Fire dungeons are fully scripted with challenging mechanics. Groups fighting these bosses will have to plan strategies and pay close attention to the fights to overcome them.

Dungeon mobs also have mechanics, but these are much more simplistic and simply there to make fighting packs of mobs more interesting.


Dungeon bosses drop loot armor and weapons directly, they no longer drop tokens that you redeem for gear. A boss drops a certain number of random loot items, which are not guaranteed to be for your class or spec.

All bosses in a dungeon share a loot table, to prevent you from needing to target specific bosses for loot items.

Trash mobs do not drop loot. They drop tiny amounts of gold and/or vendor junk.

Boss Encounter Systems

-Boss fights are now handled properly by the instance. The boss fight area will become closed off from the rest of the instance while the fight is in progress (closing doors, etc). Players also cannot enter the instance while a fight is in progress.

-There are also doors blocking the way forward that will not open until the boss in front of it is defeated. No more stealthing past bosses!

-When a boss resets or wipes the group, it despawns for 30 seconds to allow the group time to recover.

Kiting a boss outside it's encounter area, or going somewhere the boss cannot reach you, will cause it to reset.

Combat Resurrections

Combat resurrection limits are now enforced during boss encounters. The limits are as follows:

5-man dungeon bosses: 1 per encounter

10-man raid bosses: 1 per encounter

25-man raid bosses: 3 per encounter

A combat resurrection only counts as "used" when the person actually accepts the resurrection, not when you cast it. Attempting to use resurrection spells after the limit has been met will result in an error message and the cast failing.

Instance Respawning

Respawning in instances has been improved for convenience. When certain bosses are killed, it saves as a "checkpoint". This means that if you die and release your spirit later on, you will not respawn at a graveyard outside the instance, but will instantly respawn at the last instance checkpoint. This saves a ton of time running back through long instance maps.

The checkpoints also apply to entering instances-in-progress. If you clear half-way through an instance, then leave and re-enter it, you will spawn at the last checkpoint rather than the entrance.

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