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My own thoughts about the new BoA


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OK so I i came online today and saw this post 


Update 22/01/16

As of today Corrupted Eggs are now BoA, too many people are exploiting our rules on Multiboxing and farming thousands of eggs to combine onto one Account.

Multiboxing is still permitted but the eggs will only be usable on the Account that receives them.

Clear cache before logging on.




Lets be real here, this is not a really good idea.


by stopping 1% of the players from using multi boxing you are making the rest 99% of players who play on single account unable to trade the Eggs.


The Eggs are used as a currency to trade with beside MG, Because MG is really easy to get.

So players use Eggs, Its useful, Hard to get, And worth any thing in return   


-Who agrees with me and want the old eggs back ? 

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I appreciate you voicing this. Although it was partially my decision to set the Eggs to BoA, I still want to explore other ways to reduce the benefits of Multiboxing. It is allowed on Retail due to the subscription fee, so Blizzard makes their money that way. If we have multiboxers turning 1 CP kill into the loot of 5-10 kills it becomes an exploit that we can't allow. Now, there were several options out there, and few were brought up. That led to the decision to set the item to BoA.


The complaints on Multiboxing have been adding up, so it landed on my desk. 

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