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Changes and fixes for eternian.


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I've had a lot of thoughts about changes and fixes for eternian. Some of them i've mention lots of times, but i want to gather all of my thought in one topic.

- Changes for IW X upgrade: I know it's not done yet but a few changes now wouldn't be minded. Shaman and paladin melee gets way too much spell power in my opinion, where caster spec of them have no need of all that attack power the IW X gives. So why not make two set for those classes that have melee or caster specs? Such as Paladin, Shaman and Druid so when upgrading to X they can decide which spec they are going for(melee or caster).

- Casters in general are having a lot of trouble with their mana in long term after removed the spirit from the offset. They need some sort of mana regen from somewhere now.

- There's been lot of discussion about arca gear since it came out. Think its great with a new set but a downside it's going to be upgrade into IW. Would make a lot of sence if it got upgrade into a "upgraded arca" set, so we have a new series of upgradeable armor.

- Right now the server are lagging of weapons to farm. I mean the halloween event was great but i think the server need some sort of same quest any day of the year. Mabye make like a instances with no vip gear allowed, where there's one boss, and notthing else. The boss drop these weapon but has a low chance of dropping ofc. Difficulty would be atleast 5-10 man raid (depends on their gear ofc)

- New kind of honor set and weapons can be obtained through pvp. This have been suggested before but i think its really relevant to the server. I remember the pvp gear, that even some still has when it was given out to be tested. But i think it would be a great idea to take that gear up again.

- Professions.... ye plenty have complained about having to max it out all the way from the button. So why not make like an instant max out but it will cost 10 vote points to use. This will not only benefit players but also the server because of the voting.

- After i mentioned the title post on the forum to Rick it got removed, which is not a big deal itself. But i would still like that we were able to farm some titles, beside the pvp titles there is already or by complete a event. Some new title that we would be able to farm through quests or other way to be obtained.

- I complete loved the vip benefit with changing race for free and customizing too, tho im missing some farmable vip stuff. Don't know what it could be, so any idea would be great to hear.

- I need to mention this! Frozen Staff are complete useless compare to the adventure staff... it seriously need to get a huge buff in spell power to even compare those. Aswell with the Frozen shield, i think it would be gear if it got a buff so that people who can use shield would think a secondt time about wanting to use two
 weapons or a shield. So when im talking about the shield there should also be a spell caster shield that replaces the offhand that technically paladins and shaman doesnt really need compare to a shield.

- ( more of a personal preference ) I play holy paladin and I know its for healing, but I would still like caster paladin to be a thing. Which could be fun in many ways. So how could caster paladin be a thing without benefit other paladin specs in general, that's where Holy Shock comes in the picture. You need Holy spec to be able to have that spell as paladin, which boosting the scaling of that, caster paladin would have a slighty chance to be a thing at all. Ofc this is just a personal preference, and i dont think this idea would come far at all. But i still think i would suggest this for fun.

Feel free to come up with other ideas that i haven't mentioned to make aware of what could make eternian even better than it already is!

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I thought about this to a farmable vip item. A legendary neck, yes it might seem strange but i think it could be cool.

- Farming style i can relate to Frostmourne, Shadowmourne and Piece dagger from eternion. Not hard to farm but took ages because of the low droprate of the marerials. (Tho the mobs could be harder)

- Item needed for the quest to this neck: Arca neck, Ice warden V neck and those materials.

- So this neck is going to be specific for classes, just like there is now with spell power and attack power offset.

- There will be different types of neck for the specific groups: A dps, a tank and a healer neck.

So what could make a legendary neck so special compare to other normal necks. By giving them certain effects to which benefit speciel classes and specs people are.
       (these effects in a buffed version but not too buffed ofc)

       - Example: Melee dps neck:  http://www.wowhead.com/spell=14126/wound
       - Example: Melee tank neck: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=71578/item-icecrown-10-heroic-tank-trinket
       - Example: Caster healer neck: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=71868/item-icecrown-25-heroic-healer-weapon-proc
       - Example: Caster dps neck: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=91048/item-proc-spell-power

Ofc tank neck are based on being a tank so no dps output from that neck. Dps neck based on dps and so on with the rest.

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