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Project Fire


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Idk what to put as title.. But, it's about project fire.


As paladin, probably also some other classes. You have "no" mana.

I made a paladin, because I figured, I'd be easy to solo those mobs etc.

But, I have no damn mana, for healing, or spells D:

I have 24k mana in total. And 1 spell uses +4k mana.

There is no Intellect, in the gear. 

I die when more than 1 mob is attacking me.


Is it supposed to be like that, or what?

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Thank you for the feedback about Paladin mana. Retribution gear is not supposed to have intellect, a proper rotation should ensure you never run out of mana.


Do you have any further information on the cause? Do you think the problem is their natural mana regeneration over time, or are certain spells not returning enough mana, etc? We have very little information on exactly how paladin mana worked in 4.3

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Hi, Ryan. 

It just feels like, I run out of mana really really quick. Idk if I just suck, or It's just Paladin in general, but, I don't remember paladin's losing so much mana.


Either way, I really like the starter zone on PF. :-)

(tho, some classes like paladin, doesn't handle it very well.)

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