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Eternian Character Shop


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We ran into a few difficulties, and then ended up dropping our focus on it to focus on bigger projects. There's only really 1 big project going on, and I'm sure you can guess what it is. We do still intend to add the shop once we get things sorted, but no ETA.

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There for I would still prefer to make it work in some way. Lets say a player are leaving the server example, but instead of the players account going lost which would be ashame. Another player are able to purchases the account under these circumstances:

- Both players agree.
- Both players showing screenshot prof to a staff member. (so it can be writen down who owns the account now, to prevent people getting banned for sharing account)
- Icecold-wow doesnt support people if they get scammed under the 
purchase. (Making it their own risk to purchases an account. So they gonna make sure its their email after purchase and everything is right on that account, so there's is no way from the old owner to get the account back that they sold!)

NOTICE: I know the changes of account policy.

Before slamming it down without giving the idea a chance, think about it.

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Account sales in-general is completely forbidden. Too much personal information sits on each account that could be used the wrong way. The security of emails, passwords, etc. is just too important to allow for the sales of accounts. The character shop is not possible due to the many broken purchases that wouldn't transfer over. Example: Paladin gets TG through Admin Ticket instead of the store. You buy Paladin thinking of TG, but don't get it because the purchase record doesn't relate to TG and doesn't move that either. So you just get Paladin without TG and there's nothing we can do.

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