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Have you ever been sitting on your couch smoking a fat J listening to your favorite song in the world?
Have you ever met the most perfect girl that you would do anything for her?
You ever just thought to yourself about the meaning of life?
There comes a time in everyone's life where they reminisce on what life could be like if they just did what they felt afraid to do, thinking. What if I actually tried could I of achieved what I was searching for? The thought of rejection held you back from true goals. I've realized how life would be if I only tried. I would know the truth, but settle for guessing what would of happened. It's funny how you can have the most amazing day, Chilled with friends hang glided or done something absolutely amazing, but if 1 thing bad happens why is it the bad thing we remember?

The only reason this exists is because I got really high, You see?

How many people still play this server?


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