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Ice-Eternian Server Down Time


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Fellow players of Ice-Eternian.


Last night, we experienced a series of realm crashes.


On behalf of the entire Staff, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience

it may have caused. We're currently trying to find out what's causing the crashes.


The only thing we know about them, is that if you enter one of our instances, the realm will crash.

All instance teleports in the Magic Stone, have been disabled.

Because of this, please do not enter any instances manually either.


Anyone doing the exact opposite, will face a ban.


Other than that, we once again apologize for the unpleasant experience.



~ Ice-Eternian Staff

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The crashing has been given a more permanent fix, and should no longer occur for quite a long time. Please keep in mind that it had to deal with creatures, so please report any bugs with creatures to staff as soon as possible. Information that we can find useful would be the map name, and the creature's name where you found the broken/bugged creature. Thank you very much, and we apologize for any inconveniences that this issue has caused.

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