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Lightning Charged Thunderfury Suggestion


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I have went through the process of farming my Thunderfury up to +12. So far the mats are hard to get in unison. Lightning Steel has a low drop rate and a high demand. Instead of increasing the drop rate, I would suggest that the stats be increased by 10%/upgrade, and the weapon speed scale differently. Change the item to an axe to benefit Shamans, because damaging weapon brands do not work for this weapon. I will elaborate below:




Change to 2.00 Speed

Change to iLvL 475

+10% all stats

Spirit = Stamina




-BETWEEN 0 and +15


Add +25 iLvl/3 upgrades

Change to 2.20 at +3

Change to 2.30 at +4

Change to 2.50 at +6

Change to 2.70 at +9

Change to 2.80 at +11

Change to 3.00 at +12

Change to 3.10 at +13

Change to 3.20 at +14

Add 10% all the stats on all upgrades in-between 0-15.

Set Spirit = Stamina on all versions







Change to 3.30 Speed

Change to iLvl 600 (increases damage)

+10% all stats

Spirit = Stamina




Please know that the cost does not equal the benefits for this weapon. That is the reason for this suggestion. Pythios's Forgotten Dagger/Sword/Mace do much more damage at tiny fraction of the cost of the Lightning Charged Thunderfury.

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