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Im not sure where this would go. I was looking around and it says you have two positions open for GM on reaper, but it said I do not meet min. requirements. Just out of curiosity what are the minimal requirements because I cant seem to find them anywhere? I know its probably my age keeping me from being able to apply but still curious.

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Helpful, but not tryharding


Not truly sure what "tryharding" means... Thank you for your time and effort.



Requirements are to be specified by actual staff that would hire you, so wait for their reply if you want to actually know.


I can say that the preferences are loose enough that you need to be active and have a good aspect of the server you apply for. Be mature, and be 16+ would be great for the team. You need to know the ins and outs of things, as well as keep updated on everything. Preferably have a character that was fully farmed, so you can explain how it is done to other players. 


Motivation is a large part of your selling point. If you get denied 3 times, try again, and try harder. Get known as a helper for those that need it.


Explore everything you can to prove you are worth hiring. Also, help in new ways, and revamp old ways, of helping with things like: Tutorials, Answers to questions, Bug reports, Good Suggestions, etc..


Feel free to listen to other folks out there, but I can say with some experience that "tryharding" doesn't exist as long as your work does good.


-[ice-E] Botd

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