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I've been on icecold for about 2 to 3 years now and still have yet to properly introduce myself to the server. I've recently graduated from high school (as of may 26th) #gowarriors and i'm attending Duke University this fall :D.


I'm Loboz as people call me in game, My favorite color is Grey, and my favorite movie is Big Trouble in Little China. I Tend to not follow rules as i am a troublemaker but i manage it. I've been banned a couple of times due to various troll antics. I'm enjoying my stay at icecold, i've come across some hilarious nicknames by the way... Guess who they belong to ( Cuntun, Asscole) just a few :3. 


My ingame mains are Stormcloak and Loboz on Reaper, and Hermes On Eternian.

 My best friends are My left hand and Holydk.


If you have any questions or problems please feel free to ask the staff instead of ME :D


Oh and Vote for me #MOSTHATED


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