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Arena Idea !


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I know you guys will probably will respond with : Lol just don't enter the arena ..



 But my idea is that they will create a buff or something that you cant attack and cant be attacked something like the .gm on command so you dont have to be farming or at the mall! 


You can't be camped cuz you can't be attack i understand this might be really hard to make but it was an idea i liked to share !






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No support from my side. It's an arena and the basic idea of an arena is to kill everything you can find.

I do get the point. The general hangout is basically in the middle of this arena, but that doesn't change the fact that it's PvP grounds.

Personally I'd feel more for trying to move the general hangout. But you'd still have to deal with players. If the players rather sit in the arena than somewhere else you can move all you want, but it won't help.

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