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Bought VIP. Have i been scammed?



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The only thing you can do now is wait for him to contact you back. There is nothing you can do if you have no proof of a scam.



Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions further and beyond. Go with the greens brother ~

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Hello Felfaceqt,


For starters, what exactly happened here? How did you purchase the VIP? Did you get it from the shop on the website?

If you did buy it from out web shop, I can assure you you have not been scammed.

I just hope you didn't buy it off an other Icecold player.


Either way I will inform the admins about this topic. I'm sure they'll reply as soon as they can get to it.

One of the admins will review the case and if everything matches out the VIP set will be added to the character.

Please be patient until then. They will get to it.

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Just for some extra info, you buy VIP from the store, and place it on a player using their name. If you bought a character, it will go onto the account you purchased the character on. You would be logged into the account that you did the purchasing for.


You may have bought VIP for someone else, by misspelling his character's name. As well, he would nee to go about receiving purchases to get his VIP status and gear.

The VIP sounds like VIP3 which is $55. So it also sounds like you purchased from the store. 


My guess is that he needs to receive purchases.

Or you need to create and admin ticket to see what player you might have accidentally bought VIP status for if you put the wrong name and realm in.

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