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Are we still able to sell chars on ice reaper?


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Yes, probably there are many people still selling their accounts 


I would not advise buying/selling any accounts, You really have no clue the amount of people who get scammed and loose their accounts and or money.

The safest most reliable way to sell/buy characters on Icecold would be the character shop http://www.icecold-wow.com/charshop/

If you want to take the risk of buying or selling accounts and you get scammed, You will not receive support from any Icecold GM's or Admins.


Safer to stick with the character shop. ;) 


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The characters are capable of being sold, however accounts may not be sold using any means that include this website. It is highly unadvised to trade for accounts due to the lack of security.


To sell a character you need a valid email address attached to your account that the character is located, and you will have to verify it using that email after submission.

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